The Simpl Family

Like many I live a busy life, running from place to place trying to get everything done in the 24 hours that I’m given every day. While I’m busy running around, it hasn’t always been easy for me to stay healthy while doing it. It was one day when I was running out of the house and my sister had just finished making herself a smoothie and asked me if I wanted one. I quickly said no. I just didn’t have the time to be chopping and peeling fruit. She shrugged her shoulders and told me that she would have the fruits and everything ready for when I got back. It was then a light when off in my and instead of running I took a moment, slowed down and think about what had just happened… Simpl had been born.

As a new mom, and dog mom, life has never been busier, Im still running, but now its just with a baby on my hip! Regardless of how busy my days are, living a healthy lifestyle is never neglected, and Simpl makes it easy to do so.